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If you're looking for the easiest, most reliable and cost-effective way to charter a bus, you're in the right place. We are your single source for chartering a coach any time, anywhere in Malaysia. We are experienced providers of all types of bus transport.

Our team scaled to your extra needs, this specially trained team will help facilitate planning and execution of your event. They don't work for the company. They work for you. And they are committed to making your job easier and your ground transportation options more cost effective. Consistency, reliability, and high standards are what you expect from most quality assurance programs, but NEW TO VIEW TRAVEL & TOUR takes it one important step further.

We personalize it. Each order is assigned to a quality assurance coordinator. And you get the name, the phone number, and the email address of this very helpful team who will walk you through every phase of your coach charter.

Our coaches are similar to commercial aircraft in many respects. Both provide spacious, air-conditioned interiors where you can move about while traveling, comfortable seating to make all trips enjoyable. The comparison need not end there: Other options for your coach are TV, VCD, KTV and/or tour guide. They're generally used for large groups. Long-distance trips may require additional drivers.

One advantage to our business is that our chauffeurs get to know the communities we serve extremely well. The result of this knowledge is that NEW TO VIEW is able to arrange individual and group corporate and leisure tours. These tours can range from a half-day, pre-set tour all the way up to a multi-day tour customized to your request.

Our rates for coach hire are very competitive so why not charter a NEW TO VIEW TRAVEL & TOUR coach for your next corporate event or group holidays.


From picnics to ball game to regional get-togethers, company outings can be productive, sociable and fun ! Tell us who's coming, where you're going and what you want to accomplish. We'll help you choose the right transportation that can turn your outing into a great experience.

We are a continent-wide network of independent operators. Even if a convention city's sold out, it’s likely we can get you a fleet of shuttle coaches. You are going to need a comprehensive ground transportation plan. Because you probably be moving your group from the airport to more than one hotel and then over a period of days, shutting them between exhibition venues and hotels. Giving us responsibility for the total package will give you not just coaches, but peace of mind. With our own and partner operators, we can plan and implement every detail of your ground transportation. We will even get you competitive bids if necessary.

Company shuttles from Ferry Terminal or Hotel can reduce employee increase security and improve morale. Our coach is currently serving large and small employers in Penang cities all across the mainland. We know the local routes and patterns, we can help you coordinate the routes and schedules to fit your requirements.

We know that safety is foremost in your calculations. Your budget is a close second. And your schedule is third. We treat all three of your concerns as first priority. We can help your to manage it all from our safety-first coach and experienced drivers, just tell us where and when you are going, the number and ages of your students, the number of adults and what you would like us to provide.

Government agencies of all sizes are enjoying the benefits of chartering our coaches for meetings, conventions, tours, site visits, recreation and more. We are experienced in meeting any local or federal government body's specific travel requirements, including special billing and payment options.

Whether your group is going to a meeting or hosting one, we can help you arrange the best transportation on the road and during the event an needed. The right combination of coaches can help you give your group members the individual attention they appreciate.

We'll help you get your people to the theater, the clubs, the special events you have scheduled. If it's a multiple-stop event - like a local tour - we can help you track of each traveler from the time they step on the coach to the time they decide tour's over.

Side trip can be all business or a sideshow of fun. Match the mood your itinerary and the size of your group with a choice of carriers. We can help you plan appropriate side trips for attendees, their traveling companions and families for factory tours, plant visits and trips to shopping mall.

Going to these events is more fun when you have got the team spirit going with you. Start with your team's own chartered coach, your own professional driver and traveling on your own schedule. Be assured that win or lose, we will get you to the game on time - in safety, in comfort and on budget.

If you are planning an educational tour, we recommend reviewing your plans with our experienced student tour planner. Things often overlooked include prepaying all admissions, attractions, guided tours and meals, so student are not responsible for any money other than for their own souvenirs. Student trip require the highest level of safety and economy, including drivers who are experienced at transporting younger people.